A career fair for IT-students

6th of February 2025

Exhibitors 2024


Exhibitors 2024




Core Team

What is your tip for students visiting the fair?
Be open with what you study and what you are interested in and read about the companies in advance so you can have much more interesting conversations with their representatives. Whether you have just started studying or are about to graduate - do not be nervous about talking to companies, they are there to meet you as much as you are there to meet them.

Erik LeijonAstraZeneca

What is your tip for students visiting the fair?
Two things: 1) Dare to get in touch. Remember that all exhibitors are there to meet you. Take advantage of it. If you are interested in the company, why not ask if they have a mailing list you can be subscribed to to be invited to their upcoming event? 2) Stand out in the crowd by being more prepared than other visitors. Choose some companies you are curious about and read about their offer and values in order to be able to ask the right questions and show your interest.

Sarah SöderbergIT consultant at Claremont

What is your tip for students visiting the fair?
To really take advantage of the opportunity to get in touch with many companies. Take the chance to get an understanding of what jobs the companies offer, what they are looking for, what development opportunities there are and how the work culture is right there. There are many exciting companies at the fair and it is companies that you least expect that can be the company that suits you and your future goals best.

Hannes BjörnströmApplicationsspecialist at Centiro Solutions

What is your tip for students visiting the fair?
Think through beforehand what you are interested in and what you want to get out of your future job. Read about the companies before and it will be easier to have a dialogue. Then a lot is just about daring to talk and show who you are. And of course, take the opportunity to have fun! The companies are right there to meet you.

Hanna EdlerBusiness Intelligence consultant at Hypergene

What is your tip for students visiting the fair?
Go to the GÖSTA fair already the first year if you can, as it is a fantastic fair with very many companies in place. Then you have time to know which types of companies match best with what is important to you. In addition, in addition to the companies that are there, you can request additional companies you had wanted to meet for the following year to the GÖSTA group. Keep in mind that all such meetings during the GÖSTA fair can result in lots of opportunities, whether it is good contacts, an extra job alongside your studies or your first full-time job after graduation.

Lovisa ÅsgårdenBusiness Analyst and demand analyst at DirSys AB