The application for Gösta’s digital fair is live! This year’s fair will be an event as usual where companies and students get the opportunity to establish contacts. We hoped for a traditional fair, but unfortunately this was not possible due to the circumstances. However, we are very happy to inform that this year’s fair will be arranged with Educations Media Group.

Educations Media Group arranged Stockholms Gymnasiemässa 2020 and this fair managed to break the world record in the numbers of visitors in a digital fair, with 29 000 participators! Therefore it feels safe to have them as platform providers and we are convinced that Gösta 2021 will be rewarding for the companies and for the students.

We understand that there are questions about the digital fair and what it means and therefore you can read more about the layout and the opportunities with a digital fair below.

We are very excited and convinced that we will deliver a rewarding fair with the same quality for all parts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@gosta.se

Registration deadline is December 18th 2020

Exhibitor demo

Demo for visitors

During your participation at the fair you will be able to have conversations and integrate with the students via chat, video and voice calls. The meeting calls will be facilitated by an integrated meeting calendar where the students can make a booking request for a personal conversation  with your representatives if desired by you. 

The platform will also contain a matching function that gives an approximate match between your company and a certain student based on a couple of questions answered by the visitor upon registration at the platform.

After the fair you will have access to data from the student who visited your stand so you can see which of the students have an interest in your company. 

Note that all you need is to have Google Chrome downloaded to use the platform.

Other functions that are included in the stand. 

• Up to 5 representatives available for chat
• Up to 3 avatars (picture on your representatives in the stand information counter
• Up to 4 videos shown on a screen in the stand
• Up to 4 PDF files to download
• Up to 5 pictures scrolling on your monitor in the stand
• Displaying available positions 



If you have any questions or want more information about the digital fair, don’t hesitate to contact us at  info@gosta.se