GÖSTA is a unique opportunity to network with companies and organizations in the industry.

Since 1993, the GÖSTA Student Association has been working to connect IT students with employers in both the private and public sectors. By arranging guest lectures and an annual labour market day, many generations of students have been channelled into the world of work under the auspices of GÖSTA. The IT industry is thirsty for labour and students are hungry for professional life – GÖSTA offers a meeting place for both parties. The first labour day opened its doors in the late 1980s, and has since grown in size. During the fair day, students get a unique chance to network with companies and organizations in the industry, and the ambition is that the day should contain something for everyone. The event takes place in Science Park and the number of visitors each year is over 800 students. When the fair closes after the end of the day, GÖSTA organizes a mingle evening, where company representatives and students can meet in a relaxed environment.