GÖSTA 2022

GÖSTA gives you as a student a unique chance to meet companies in the IT industry and make valuable contacts for the future. Get a chance to find out exactly your area of interest in IT and which companies you see as potential employers. We guarantee a fantastic day with many inspiring and rewarding conversations!

The fair 2022 have been cancelled due to the restrictions. Instead we will offer a catalog with information about companies in the IT industry. You as a student will also be able to contact the companies that you find interesting.

The catalogue will be published 10 February.

Do you have questions? Contact us at info@gosta.se.


We are proud to present the companies that would have exhibited at the Gösta fair 2022. The companies will be seen in the digital catalogue so you students can contact the companies that you are interested in. You will find more information under the tab ”The catalogue”.

Companies 2022

Every year, Gösta design a new catalog for the fair where you have the opportunity to read more about the companies that exhibit, more about Gösta, and a little more fun! This year we will offer a digital catalogue with all of the companies that would have exhibited 2022.

Click the picture to view the catalog.

Tips from Gösta!


Polish your CV and update your Linkedin profile. It leaves both a good impression and gives the opportunity to show your skills to future employers.

Do you want tips about CV and Linkedin? Attend the digital guest lecture with Akavia on February 9 from 12.00-13.00.

Year 1

Take the opportunity to contact the companies, see what they are working with and what they are offering. You can also do research about the company to see what opportunities you have to find an extra job.

Year 2

Contact the companies that you find interesting and see what opportunities you have to write your master thesis at their company. Ask questions and find the company that suits you best. Maybe you will find your future employer?

Year 3

Discover what type of recruitment needs the companies have. Contact the companies by the contact information in the catalogue. What do you find interesting with each company? Ask questions, read about the companies and describe your best sides.