GÖSTA gives you as a student a unique chance to meet companies in the IT industry and make valuable contacts for the future. Get a chance to find out exactly your area of interest in IT and which companies you see as potential employers. We guarantee a fantastic day with many inspiring and rewarding conversations! The 2021 fair will be completely digital without compromising your ability to network.

Representatives of all companies will be available for a chat and can invite both voice and video calls throughout the event. The digital tools give you an even better chance as a student to get an overview of your potential future employers.

During the day, you will also have the opportunity to attend three lectures by Sweden’s Minister of Energy and Digitization Anders Ygeman, Astra Zeneca, and ESSIQ.

When: Thursday 11 February at 10-15

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We look forward to meeting you!


GÖSTA is proud to present this year’s exhibitors. This year we have 16 interesting companies participating in the GÖSTA fair, if you are interested in knowing a little more about the companies, you will find more information in our catalog which is available as a PDF under the tab “Exhibitors”.


09:20 Breakfast interview – Anders Ygeman
10:00 The digital fair opens
11:30 Lunch lecture – ESSIQ
13:30 Guest lecture – AstraZeneca
15:00 The digital fair closes

GÖSTA's tips!

We have summarized some tips that can be good and bring with you before and during the fair. You will find them under the tab “Tips”!

The catalog

Every year, GÖSTA design a new catalog for the fair where you have the opportunity to read more about the companies that exhibit, more about GÖSTA, and a little more fun!

Click on the image below to browse through the catalog!

GÖSTA's tips!


Polish your CV and update your Linkedin profile because now you have the opportunity to connect via Linkedin and upload your CV on the digital trade fair platform. It leaves both a good impression and gives the opportunity to show your skills to future employers.

Do you want tips about CV and Linkedin? Attend the digital guest lecture with Akavia on February 2 from 12.00-13.00. More information about the event can be found here!


There are probably many who visit a digital trade fair for the first time and we will together with Educations Media Group have an introductory lecture, where the platform for the GÖSTA fair 2021 will be presented. We will go through things that can be good to keep track of before the fair.

Feel free to participate on Tuesday 9 February from 12.00-12.30. More information about the event can be found here!


You can already now as a visitor register via this link and fill in information about you and answer some questions so that the platform with its matching function will match companies and students’ interests and needs.


Think about what interests you, what you want to get out of the fair, and which companies you want to talk to. Check in the fair catalog before you visit the fair, where you can read more about this year’s exhibitors, and feel free to write down the questions you want to ask.


The companies are exhibiting at the fair to meet your students, so do not be afraid. Dare to book a video call or chat with company representatives. Bring the questions you wrote down, it gives the impression that you are interested and prepared.


Was there any company that caught your interest a little extra, ask for contact information or get in touch via LinkedIn. Write after the fair and thank for the conversation. By following up on your conversation, you give a stronger and long-lasting impression.


09.20 Breakfast interview - Anders Ygeman

10.00 The digital fair opens

We want to welcome all of you students to this year’s GÖSTA fair!

Here you have the opportunity to talk to several companies in the industry, gain more insight into what it is like in the world of work, and possibly meet your new employers.

11.30-12.00 Lunch lecture - ESSIQ

More information about the lecture is coming!

13.30-14.00 Guest lecture - AstraZeneca

More information about the lecture is coming soon!

15.00 The digital fair closes

Now the fair closes for this year, many thanks to everyone who came and visited the GÖSTA fair in 2021. We hope that you have been happy with the day and met some companies you were a little extra attached to.

Help us to get better, feel free to respond to our evaluation of this year’s fair.

18.00 Digital mingle event

During this mingle, you will be able to have relaxed conversations with each other about your experiences from this fair. There will also be a quiz with amazing prizes. Don’t forget to bring optional beverages and snacks to round off an amazing fair day! Click here for more information about the event.

Frequently asked questions

When does registration for the digital fair open?

February 10 at 08.00.


Do you have to download a program to attend the fair?

No, but we recommend using Google Chrome.

Do I have to upload my CV?

No, the only thing required for registration is name and email address.

Can I upload my CV after I have registered?

Yes, you can upload your CV and change it afterwards.

How do I upload my CV afterward?

Click on “Meny” in the left column and you will find the settings for CV.

Can I link my LinkedIn-profile after I have registered?

No, you can only link your LinkedIn-profile during registration.

Can I upload a profile picture?

No, you can’t. Therefore we recommend you to link your LinkedIn-profile when you register.

Will the chat be open for everybody or just me and the company?

Only you and the person who represent the company will be able to see the chat.

Does it cost anything to participate as a student?

No, it does not cost anything to attend the fair.

Do you have to register for the various guest lectures and how do you connect to them?

No pre-registration required! You will find more information for the guest lectures under “Schedule” or go to our Facebook page – Gösta Studentförening

How long is the fair open?

It is live and manned between 10-15 on Thursday February 11. The fair and the companies’ stands will be available to visit between 15-19 but unmanned.


We want to thank our sponsors who sponsor this year’s fair!